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Why Install Lithium-Ion UPS Systems?


Need more power? Switch to the NE Series 3-Phase UPS systems, the first to feature internal lithium-ion batteries for longer backup runtimes.

Two power levels: 20kVA and 30kVA in multiple configurations, for high-power needs.


Simply the best, longest-lasting UPS Single Phase system on the market, with the industry’s best warranties.


Quit changing those VRLA UPS batteries and change over to our  lithium-ion UPS batteries. 15-year battery life expectancy!


XL-Series models are 208V-240V


Similar to the L-Series, it has 5x the energy and take up about 1/3 the space of a VRLA-based solution that delivers the same power.

Costs less to run with longer run times. 



L-Series models are 120V.

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