Liebert AP 330KVA 610 UPS (Refurbished) w/ Bypass Cab and Battery Cabinet.


This is a refurbished model and has our factory guarantee and warranty. Please call for info.


Liebert Series 610 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed to protect large-scale, mission-critical applications from the full range of data center power quality problems and outages. The space-effective system is also extremely energy-efficient, with an operating efficiency of up to 94%. Field-proven reliability and multiple configuration options make Liebert Series 610 an industry leader in data center infrastructure protection.


The maintenance bypasses are cabinet style. Somerset Power Systems stocks a large supply of high rate UPS batteries from Vision, Ritar, Enersys, C&D and other battery manufacturers. We can supply any battery you request. Lead time to build battery systems is just a few days. the Liebert 610T 500 kVA UPS System is a proven system with thousands in the field.


We can provide a complete turn key installation or simple supply the equipment. Please give us a call to discuss your options.


We also have used / refurbished machines that are accessible for parts only. Buying parts can alleviate the financial burden of purchasing an entire new UPS system.  Call for pricing on UPS parts.


Rentals upon request - please contact us for availability and pricing.


Also check out our new, energy efficient and cheaper Lithium-Ion UPS line now available!

Liebert AP 330KVA 610 UPS (Refurbished)

  • Features

    • 12-pulse 3-phase rectifier/charger
    • Input and Output isolation transformers
    • Electrically operated output circuit breaker and wrap-around bypass circuit breaker on Single-Module Systems (SMS)
    • Static bypass switch with isolators on SMS
    • Bypass pulse-paralleling on SMS and Automatic retransfer on SMS
    • Enhanced output critical bus and internal fault management
    • High overload capability
    • Two-step input current limit and two-step battery charger current limit
    • Automatic equalize charger and timer
    • Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs)
    • Microprocessor- based monitoring with easy-to-read back-lit LCD display
    • User prompted menu program
    • Metering
    • Visual & Audible alarms
    • Remote E.P.O. provisions
    • Redundant cooling fans
    • Front access for maintenance


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