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Penn-Delmar Power


Critical Power Supply Specialists

New Backup Batteries

Install, Maintenance, and Monitoring Systems

Penn-Del Mar Power specializes in Battery replacement and only uses OEM approved batteries.

It's critical to your business operations the quality of the battery you use, as it's important to periodically replace aged batteries to assure your UPS will not fail when you need it most.

Maintenance of these batteries is imperative which is why we also offer monitoring systems and preventative maintenance services.

24/7 Emergency Service

Install, Maintenance, and Monitoring Systems

In Emergency Situations, Penn-Delmar Power is readily available to respond to your UPS or battery system alarm or repair needs 24/7 .


Our goal is to limit or eliminate all of our customer’s downtime!  Eliminating downtime gives you power & peace of mind, and saves money!


Our clients receive our tech's immediate contact phone numbers in addition to our office number so you can reach us at any time, any day of the year. 

Battery and UPS Monitoring Systems

Real-Time Back Up Battery Monitoring

A  battery monitoring system alleviates the headaches and frustrations of power outages.


With a battery monitoring system in place, you can be sure your batteries will continue to work to support your vital applications, systems and networks during the many power disturbances and outright power failures that each business experiences.


Penn-Delmar Power offers many different solutions to meet your battery monitoring requirements. We offer CellWatch, Btek, and Battery Informer monitoring.


We train your staff on the basics of how to use this software. That way you can accurately read, monitor, and understand the data.

Battery Recycling & Disposal

Certificate Approved

Proper battery disposal is a must within Federal EPA guidelines.  Why should you, the customer worry on how to properly package and dispose of these sometimes hazardous issues.  Leave this to the experts.  


Penn-Delmar Power has strategically partnered with Smelters all around the country to make certain that wherever you have a battery need, not only can we install them but we can dispose of them without issue.


We also provide our end users with that “cradle to grave” certificate. 

Additional Services

Penn Delmar Power Toshiba-G8000-150KW-UP

Refurbished UPS Systems

Guaranteed to Last. 

Refurbished UPS's from Penn-Delmar look like brand new units. They've been cleaned, tested, and restored. The only difference between new and refurbished UPS's is the price.


Penn-Del Mar offers a 90 day warranty with refurbished UPS's.

Penn Delmar Power Data Center Install

UPS Rentals

25+ UPS ranging from 10 KVA to 300 KVA


  • Full powered Stand Alone systems
  • Minimum of 60-day rental

  • No maximum rental time

  • Rates vary based on KVA size

  • Lithium-Ion UPS systems available

We keep your business running and secure when you're in need of cutting power to existing UPS systems.


A good example is when an installation needs to do a build-out (hospitals, state police barracks),  or for something smaller like traveling events such as carnivals.


UPS Spare Parts

It's becoming more and more difficult to find parts for older UPS systems. Most companies would rather have you buy a new system.


We at Penn-Delmar have a plethora of refurbished parts, allowing our clients to save time and money by sourcing those parts through us.

Not sure what part you actually may need? Give us a call and we'd be happy to schedule a consultation or review your system over the phone. 

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